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COVID-19 has been designated as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The changes that this disease brought to our day to day life were so radical and bold that it made us think about the future of our world. As today many cities across the globe experience quarantine and mobility restrictions. These changes drive many businesses and people out of their comfort zone and allow them to experience new things like internet shopping, teleworking, or e-learning. As a result, many experts suspect whether these changes would reshape the world as we knew it.

Although we have recorded a considerable number of critical patients and death during this pandemic, due to the current economic state, there were no stiff mobility restrictions or nation-wide quarantine applied to this day. On the other hand, many people start abandoning public transportation and shift to private cars and bicycles or try teleworking.

This global pandemic can draw a completely different future for urban transportation. In the aftermath, we could encounter a significant push back to use public transit. However, there is an opportunity to change travel behavior and shift it toward a more sustainable, clean modes like cycling and walking. To understand these behavior changes, our team designed a survey. This research is conducting under a collaboration with the University of Tehran and the Iran University of Science and Technology. The survey is accessible from this link in Persian. 

Our Team

Dr. Navid Khademi

Assistant Professor

University of Tehran

Dr. Neda Kamboozia

Assistant Professor

Iran University of Science and Technology

Dr. Mohamamd Ali Arman

Post-doctoral Researcher

KU Leuven

Komeil Motaghian Monazam

Transportation Engineer

University of Tehran

Mohamamd Movahedi

Master Thesis’s Student

Iran University of Science and Technology

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